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Nestoras College stands as the epitome of excellence among Greek kindergartens in Melbourne. With a legacy spanning over four decades, Nestoras College has continuously set the standard for Greek education, nurturing young minds and fostering a deep connection to Greek language, culture, and heritage.

Our commitment to providing top-tier education is evident in every aspect of our kindergarten program. Nestoras College boasts a team of experienced educators who are not only fluent in Greek and English but also deeply passionate about cultivating a love for learning in every child. Their dedication and expertise ensure that each student receives personalised attention and support, laying a solid foundation for academic success.

As a leader in Greek education, Nestoras College goes beyond teaching language skills; we instill a sense of pride and belonging in our students. Through immersive experiences, cultural celebrations, and hands-on activities, we bring Greek history and traditions to life, fostering a strong sense of cultural identity from an early age. At Nestoras College, we understand the importance of providing a nurturing environment where children feel safe, supported, and inspired to explore their potential. Our modern facilities are designed to stimulate creativity and curiosity, providing the perfect backdrop for a transformative educational journey.

As a cornerstone of the Greek community in Melbourne, Nestoras College takes its leadership role seriously. We actively collaborate with parents, community organisations, and cultural institutions to enrich the educational experience of our students and promote Greek language and culture throughout the wider community. Our commitment to excellence and leadership in Greek education is unwavering. Nestoras College continues to innovate and evolve, adapting to the changing needs of our students and community while staying true to our core values of academic rigor, cultural pride, and holistic development.

For parents seeking the best Greek kindergarten experience for their child, Nestoras College stands as the top choice. Join us in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow, grounded in the timeless values of Greek heritage and tradition.


Our instrument tuition program has been running for 3 years and has currently over 100 students enrolled at our 3 campuses. Our professional musicians have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and provide a safe, caring and supportive learning environment. Apart from serving as an entertainment medium, music is known for its multiple benefits in instilling confidence and perseverance in the performer and encouraging coordination, teamwork and other important developmental skills. Students are given the unique opportunity to showcase their learning in group and solo performances at our mid and end of year school concerts. This in turn allows them to embrace their cultural heritage and sense of pride.

Students from Grade 1 and above may select one of the following instruments:
Acoustic Guitar, Bouzouki, Baglama, Tzoura or Singing.

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