Greek schools Melbourne

In today’s day and age Greek schools seldom live up to the expectations. Whether the students are not enjoying learning, exams seem repetitive or even a combination of both factors. Nestoras College have alleviated all the negative aspects of monotonous teaching and repetitious learning with our state of the art Greek schools in Melbourne. With a combined experience of 41 years and counting Nestoras College have cemented their name as the leading Greek school in Melbourne. With impeccable teaching staff, a picturesque learning environment and interactive teaching methods. Nestoras College have gone above and beyond to ensure your child’s future is full of prosperity and excitement.

Teaching Greek does not only involve the tedious homework scripts and long essays. Teaching Greek can be interactive and enjoyable. The technological era has proven to make or break Greek schools. However, here at Nestoras College we have embraced technology and provide an exceptionally well-rounded educative experience for all our students. We are always in-tact with our culture and roots, so we provide the students a one in a lifetime opportunity to indulge in excellent Greek dancing and experience Greek history for multiple angles. Greek Schools are a common occurrence in Melbourne. Reputable, innovative and evolving Greek School are few and Nestoras College is glad to be one of the few!

Nestoras College focus on providing your child with a strategic approach on learning the Greek language. We work in small grouped classrooms to ensure that the full potential of each student is met and exceeded. This goes to prove why we are the number one Greek school Melbourne. Our innovation and evolution does not go unnoticed and we are delighted to welcome all families to Nestoras College. Contact us today, to start your journey to excellence.

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