Greek Music School Melbourne

Greek Music School Melbourne

A Greek Music School Melbourne would not be complete if it didn’t offer a wide range of activities for their students.

Here at Nestoras College Greek Music School Melbourne we administer music lessons of traditional Greek instruments for students that are interested in honing their talents and binding to their roots.

Greek Music School Melbourne – Accompanied by impeccable teaching methodologies and patience is key for any students success in learning a new instrument.

Our dedication and commitment to providing a great overall learning experience for our students is what makes Nestoras College stand out from the crowd and ensures that students appreciate our devotion in providing excellent Greek music lessons.

With reasonable and equitable course fees we endeavour to provide each student with the ability to learn and indulge in our many activities.

Special emphasis is placed on organising a variety of events, festivals and performances for our students to portray and exhibit their newly acquired talents from our music school assistance.

The leading Greek music school Melbourne – Nestoras College is a fun and relaxing environment tailored to your child’s needs and aspirations.

With accredited staff members and trained personnel we strive for professionalism in each sector.

Our multi-disciplinary approach has proven to become the leading teaching strategy in Melbournian Greek schools.

With over 40 years of experience and excellence we strive to provide each and every student the ability to participate in outstanding Greek music lessons.

With a plethora of organs to choose from, our expert music teachers have adapted their teaching methodologies in order to provide enjoyable and accurate learning.

Narrowing down all the Greek music school Melbourne with Nestora’s College professionalism and integrity we are always number one.

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Our instrument tuition program has been running for 3 years and has currently over 100 students enrolled at our 3 campuses. Our professional musicians have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and provide a safe, caring and supportive learning environment. Apart from serving as an entertainment medium, music is known for its multiple benefits in instilling confidence and perseverance in the performer and encouraging coordination, teamwork and other important developmental skills. Students are given the unique opportunity to showcase their learning in group and solo performances at our mid and end of year school concerts. This in turn allows them to embrace their cultural heritage and sense of pride.

Students from Grade 1 and above may select one of the following instruments:
Acoustic Guitar, Bouzouki, Baglama, Tzoura or Singing.

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