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About Us

For over 45 years, the vision of Nestoras College is to provide a nurturing environment for students to embrace their Greek identity and conscience through the richness of Greek history and culture.

The successful story of Nestoras College began when the school was founded in 1975 by two experienced teachers from Greece who set forth a goal for the maintenance and preservation of Greek language and culture in Australia. Since then, the school has grown across three campuses to cater for and support over 700 students from metropolitan Melbourne. With classes starting from Foundation to Year 12, students’ learning is undertaken by fully certified and accredited teachers, whose ethnic zeal and love for Greek language and culture, empower students to cultivate their Greek ancestry and acquire the language tools to be successful learners and better their employment prospects.

Nestoras College embraces centuries of Greek culture to enrich language learning and education in Greek values and traditions, assisting in developing cultural identity and Greek conscience in students as the propagators of Greek language and culture in the Antipodes of the future.

Nestoras Curriculum

Our curriculum for Prep/Foundation to Year 10 meets the guidelines set out in the Victorian Curriculum and is accredited by the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority for the assessment of VCE (Years 11 & 12) with outstanding results over the last 44 years. Our dedicated and qualified staff recognise the individuality of each student and tailors a curriculum that meets the specific needs and learning abilities of our students in a caring and nurturing environment.

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Teaching Staff

Nestoras College employs qualified staff who regularly update their credentials, knowledge and skills through professional development courses and keep abreast of languages education, teaching and training by attending the annual Victorian Community Languages School Conference. All staff are certified in First Aid, Anaphylaxis and Asthma training.

Nestoras College Books, Uniform & Fees

Text books are provided free of charge to Nestoras College students. Many of the texts are written, revised and published internally by Nestoras College to meet student needs. VCE workshops are also held during term holidays at no extra cost to parents.

Nestoras College has introduced a school polo top and a college jacket as part of its uniform.

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Assessment and Reporting

Assessment and Reporting is essential in providing a clear picture of students’ progress. At Nestoras College, ongoing and anecdotal reporting is maintained by teaching staff through students’ weekly home tasks and class activities and feedback is given to students on a weekly basis. Formal written reports in adherence to the Victorian Curriculum and VCAA assessment directives are prepared and discussed with parents and students at parent teacher interviews at the conclusion of Semester 2 and Semester 4. However, parents are welcome to make an appointment with their child’s teacher at any time to discuss their child’s progress. Teachers will seek out an appointment with parents at any time throughout the year if the need arises.

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Due to restrictions there will be 1 open day via Zoom on December 1st 2020 between 5.30pm-6.30pm”.

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Start Dates 2021

  • Thomastown Campus

February 1st 2021

  • Doncaster Campus

February 3th 2021

  • Thornbury Campus

February 5th 2021

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