Melbourne Greek School   Experience excellence and perfection with one of the leading and highly reputable Melbourne Greek School. Our impeccable teaching staff, accompanied by the effort and professionalism, are here to guide your children to success and prosperity in the Greek language. The Greek language is of utmost importance and significance as it is … Continue reading "Melbourne Greek School"
Greek Schools Melbourne   The plethora of Greek Schools in Melbourne are staggering high. However, the amount of reputable, professional and dedicated Greek Schools Melbourne is staggering low. Here at Nestoras College we pride ourselves on excellence and student satisfaction. During a 41 year period our teaching staff has evolved and adapted new techniques to … Continue reading "Greek Schools Melbourne"
Greek Schools   In today’s day and age Greek schools seldom live up to the expectations. Whether the students are not enjoying learning, exams seem repetitive or even a combination of both factors. Nestoras College have alleviated all the negative aspects of monotonous teaching and repetitious learning with our state of the art Greek schools … Continue reading "Greek Schools"
Greek School Melbourne   Have you been seeking a reputable Greek School in Melbourne? One that offers excellence and efficiency in their teaching methods and syllabus? A Greek School full of events and holistic learning for all ages? Your search has terminated here. At Nestoras College. The utmost professional and highly regarded Greek School Melbourne. … Continue reading "Greek School Melbourne"
Greek School Northcote   Perfection and excellence are synonyms to Nestoras College. The utmost finest Greek School that is tailored to suit today’s teaching expectations and learning outcomes. Over 41 years of experience Nestoras College have solidified their reputation and have extended their capabilities. With an innovative teaching team, interactive devices and the ability to … Continue reading "Greek School Northcote"
Greek Language School Melbourne   Indulge in excellence and impeccable teaching methodologies at the leading Greek language school Melbourne, Nestoras College. Relive the traditional learning styles with a modern twist. Our teaching staff is fully qualified and ensure a learning experience like no other. With an array of teaching procedures, our excellence is broad and … Continue reading "Greek Language School Melbourne"
Greek Language Classes Melbourne   When the phrase: “Greek language classes Melbourne” is mentioned, the common mind always turns to one place and only one place – Nestoras College. Our impeccable and accredited teaching staff prepares and analyses each lesson carefully and follow a structured syllabus that will provide a holistic learning experience for our … Continue reading "Greek Language Classes Melbourne"
Greek Music School Melbourne   A Greek school would not be complete if it didn’t offer a wide range of activities for their students. Here at Nestoras College we administer music lessons of traditional Greek instruments for students that are interested in honing their talents and binding to their roots. Accompanied by impeccable teaching methodologies … Continue reading "Greek Music School Melbourne"
Greek Dance School Melbourne   Greek dancing is an integral part to any education that takes place in learning the Greek culture and tradition properly. Greek dancing has a history of its own. All around Greece there is a plethora of different dances and culturist differences between places. Nestoras College acknowledges these minor details and … Continue reading "Greek Dance School Melbourne"
Greek Dance Classes Melbourne   Get involved in traditional Greek dance classes that ensure excellence and really portray the Greek background here at Nestoras College. All our students have the ability to indulge in traditional Greek dancing classes that are coordinated by state of the art and accredited Greek dance teachers. By administering Greek dance … Continue reading "Greek Dance Classes Melbourne"