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Experience excellence and perfection with one of the leading and highly reputable Melbourne Greek School. Our impeccable teaching staff, accompanied by the effort and professionalism, are here to guide your children to success and prosperity in the Greek language. The Greek language is of utmost importance and significance as it is the stem for all other languages and cultures in the world. Nestoras College take pride in being the finest Melbourne Greek School there is. With an array of teaching procedures, our excellence is broad and our knowledge ceiling is high. Provide your children with the ability to appreciate Greek reading, writing, dancing and to develop a better understanding of the Greek culture with Nestoras College.

With over 40 years of experience in the Melbourne Greek School industry we endeavour to stand out by bringing new possibilities and adaptations to the current teaching realm. Interactive learning, partnered assisted teaching and critical focus are key when teaching a new language, as a language is not just words and sentences – it is a whole culture. We ensure that all students receive fundamental knowledge that is critical to their success and evolution in the future. Nestoras College offer a wide range of activities and encompass learning techniques that are geared for success, which is why we are an outstanding Melbourne Greek School.

If we had to utilise one word to describe Nestoras College it would have to be “multidisciplinary”. We constantly evolve and revolutionise our teaching techniques and apparatus to ensure all students reach their full potential and grasp the Greek language with ease and above all, enjoyment. Reliability, excellence and prosperity in our Melbourne Greek School are the fundamental stepping stones utilised by Nestoras College over the years. With constant praise and commitment we are devoted to ensuring all our students succeed and we are established as the leading Melbourne Greek School.

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