Greek schools Melbourne

The plethora of Greek Schools in Melbourne are staggering high. However, the amount of reputable, professional and dedicated Greek Schools Melbourne is staggering low. Here at Nestoras College we pride ourselves on excellence and student satisfaction. During a 41 year period our teaching staff has evolved and adapted new techniques to suit the learning and teaching requirements of today’s era. Interactive learning, peered-assisted learning and small group teaching sessions are essential in our student’s prosperity in the Greek language. Narrowing down all the Greek Schools Melbourne with Nestora’s College professionalism and integrity we are always number one.

At Nestoras College we believe that learning a new language should be engaging and pleasant, not monotonous and tedious. That is why we are rated as one of the finest Greek Schools Melbourne and we always live up to the promise. Contrary to the vast majority of Greek Schools, we organise events, culture exhibits and concerts that broaden each student’s knowledge and appreciation for the language they are learning, the Greek language. It is vital that all our staff members are fully qualified and are state of the art Greek School teachers as this plays a pivotal role in your child’s success and commitment to learning the language.

Resilience and elegance are two terms that seldom go together, however, here at Nestoras College we establish exceptional and fundamental Greek language knowledge that students will always remember and cherish, accompanied by the utmost professional teaching environment and standards. Nestoras College is one of the Greek Schools Melbourne that has developed revolutionary techniques that incorporate interactive forms of teaching as well as a syllabus that provides holistic learning. Experience the best; do not settle for any other Greek Schools Melbourne. Nestoras College is here to propel you to success!

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